Please try out any of the following recipes but please be aware I am not a professional nor have I had any training other than what I was taught at school or by my Mum! I use an electric fan oven and mainly work in "old money" (imperial measurements!) if given a choice.

1. Strawberry & Elderflower Ice Cream
2. Blackberry Swirl Fairy Cakes/Cupcakes

1. This is my Strawberry and Elderflower Ice Cream recipe -

1 lb (500g) strawberries roughly chopped
175 ml elderflower syrup (homemade using 1kg sugar approx 30 heads & 1 1/2 ltr water 3 lemons)
300 ml whipping cream

Blend strawberries with a Braun hand held blender.

Mix with elderflower syrup.
Whip cream until it holds it shape.

Fold strawberry mixture into cream.

Pour into freezer container & freeze.

When it starts to set around the edges (approx 1 hour) pour back into a bowl and whisk.Return to freezer. Approx every hour fork the frozen outer edge towards the middle and mix. Repeat a couple of times until evenly frozen. Keep in freezer until required allowing about half an hour to soften before serving.

Ta da!


2. Blackberry Swirl Cupcakes

Pre heat oven 140C for 25 mins
Makes approx 12

Cake Mixture :-

6 oz castor sugar
6 oz marg/butter.  I used Flora
6 oz self raising flour
3 large eggs
Tablespoon milk

Stewed Blackberries  :-

8 oz  Blackberries
2oz Light Soft Brown Sugar
Tsp water

Cook the blackberries on low heat with the soft brown sugar & water stirring occasionally until the sugar has dissolved. Then turn up the heat slightly to simmer until blackberries have softened and liquid thickens sightly. The liquid will thicken more as it cools.

 Put cake ingredients in bowl except milk.

Mix together with electric mixer until combined and glossy. Mix in tablespoon milk.

Spoon into cupcakes cases.  

Add teaspoon blackberry syrup mix & swirl through cake mixture.

Bake for approx  for approx 25 mins until golden & springy to touch. Leave to cool.

Suggestions for serving - dust with icing sugar/whipped cream/creme fraiche  or pipe vanilla butter icing on top. 


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