Friday, 28 November 2014


A couple of weeks ago I spent a fabulous (and tiring) few days in London with my daughter.

We had a very, very stressful start to our journey by finding there were no spaces left in the station car parks. The station is quite remote with only a few side roads around which either have double yellow lines or any parking spaces all taken up too. Panic started to kick in. Luckily, after asking a couple of ladies, we found a private car park which actually worked out a lot cheaper.

After dumping our bags in our hotel room & Oyster cards topped up, off to Covent Garden we went with Cath Kidston being our first port of call. To me its like being in a sweetie shop. I find it so overwhelming  seeing the products in the "flesh", So much to see, so much to choose from, so much I want! I had to be sensible & tell myself "I don't need another one". So... I came away with another mug, another shopping bag and some cup cake cases. I think I was quite restraint!

Cath Kidston purchases

We popped in a couple of others shops in Covent Garden including Sass & Belle where I found some cute fawn/deer gift tags & wrapping paper. I can't resist any retro/kitsch  Baby Sham/Bambi type fawn/deer things.

Sass & Belle purchases

After not falling for the flattery from a bicycle rickshaw guy..."this must be your older sister" said to my daughter (Yeah, who are you kidding? Do we look gullible?)..... who wanted to recommend somewhere for us to eat (we guessed he was going to suggest somewhere far enough away that we would need a ride) we ate at Belgo, a Belgian restaurant. 

Belgo Beer Menu - we had a Fruli Strawberry

Then, satisfactorily stuffed we headed towards Theatre Royale, Drury Lane to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
We had very good seats on the front row of the Royal Circle. It was a brilliant show. It was surprising it was not very busy. I can only guess it was because it is aimed at children & it was a school night.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Following day we went to the Country Living Christmas Fair in Islington. This is my fourth time to this show. Lots of fantastic stands, so much I like and want but don't need. I also have a habit of telling myself "I could make one of those"! (Here are some pictures of my favourite stands (I forgot to take my own pictures)

And here are some of the things I bought (I can't show everything as some are Christmas presents)

Bird Feeder

Christmas Decorations

We spent the following day in Oxford Street starting in Primark near Tottenham Court Road Tube Station. Because we bought so much there we took the bags back to our hotel to save walking around with them all day. We walked almost the whole length of Oxford Street so by 7pm we were shopped out, and starving. We found Pizza Express in St Christopher's Place (which is down one of the back streets near Selfridges).  It was good to sit down & eat pizza, washed down with a Peroni. Didn't take long to fall asleep that night!


On our final morning we took the tube to Victoria as I was keen to visit HEMA in the Victoria Place Shopping centre. If you haven't heard of HEMA its a dutch shop selling all sorts of goodies such as food, stationery & make-up at quite cheap prices (you can order online too). It's not a very big store & not everything was to my liking but I picked up some sweets, a couple of birthday cards & cute deer/fawn Christmas decoration. 


I had to be careful about what else I bought as I already had so much stuff to get back on the train I really couldn't manage much more.

& these were just mine!

It was lovely to get away with my daughter and have some girlie time together.


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween...I love carving pumpkins and decorating the house although I don't like answering the door. I live in a village with a small school where I used to know most of the children but on Halloween night it used to be hard trying to work out who they were behind their disguises. Now my children are no longer at the school I haven't got a clue who any of them are.  It's scary!

Anyway, here are some photos of our Halloween this year....Despicable Me!

Despicable Me theme

Lush Pumpkin Bubble Bar

This Lush Pumpkin was a gift, I thought it was a bath bomb so put the whole thing in the bath! Anyway, it smelt gorgeous, bubbled away, made the water orange and sparkly (it was covered in glitter). It was very "lush" and I felt wonderful in the bath and afterwards. Thank you Kariss from Shy, Strange and a little bit Manic 

Couldn't go to the party without a bottle of "Boos"!

Who's that watching us?

Despicable Me! Gru & Minions
Happy Belated Halloween