Thursday, 23 October 2014

Disney's Frozen Birthday Cake

I have four children and used to make novelty birthday cakes for them all, even colouring the icing which used to takes ages. It seems so much easier nowadays with coloured icing being fairly cheap, and tools which give one so many options and ideas. My children are past the need for a Power Ranger or pirate ship cake now but I still like to decorate one every now and again.

My daughters 21st Birthday Cake 

My daughter likes making cakes and has had a go at making novelty ones too.

I thought I would share some pictures of the  Frozen cake she made for a 4 year old little girl.
Although she made it all herself she did need me nearby to ask for ideas and advice, and to show her a few things, use my equipment and to clean up after her!

One very delighted Frozen mad 4 year old!


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fabric! Do I need more?

The answer is YES! I adore fabric! I have an addiction, I can't help myself! 

When looking online or at other people's blogs or Pinterest I am always coming across gorgeous fabric. I just have to have it! Well, I wish I could have it. If there is a link or the name of the fabric or the designer is mentioned I search to see where I can get it. 9 times out of 10 I've missed the bandwagon. It usually turns out to be an old post and the fabric is no longer available or it is not sold in the UK. Sometimes I'm sucessful. 

I can't find much of this available

I was looking the other week at inspiration for hexagon quilts as this is something I would like to make and one thing led to another. Some Lecien fabric called Flower Sugar caught my eye. 

Lecien Flower Sugar

I found some fat quarters on eBay but the selection wasn't huge. After scouring the Internet I found The Homemakery online fabric, wool, haberdashery and craft shop. There was a huge selection and to make it even better there were various fat quarter pack combinations of it. You can see the selection here

Oh, I was in heaven! There are lots of goodies on this website and the service was fab. 

Here are some of the bundles to choose from

It was hard to decide which I liked the best. In the end I chose a bundle of reds, pinks and turquoise with a couple of extra fat quarters. I was not disappointed when they arrived.

They will be added to my fabric stash in one of my storage boxes & placed where I can see them when I enter my craft room. One day I will use them, I promise!