Monday, 22 September 2014


I've been back just over a week from our holiday in Rhodes but it seems like it was weeks ago! This is the first time since our children started school that we have been away in September. We were a little worried that temperatures wouldn't be that high and the shops and tavernas would be closed for the season. Didn't need to worry in the slightest! Weather was fantastic, still very hot, just getting a little cooler in the evenings towards the end of our 2 weeks but I didn't need my cardigan at all. Everything was still open but not too busy.

We stayed in Villa Lorriana in Gennadi, a few miles south of Lindos. Very peaceful with fantastic views. The villa was home from home, we didn't want for anything apart from Wifi! The mobile signal wasn't very good either. Quite a few of the tavernas had free wifi so we managed to check our messages and emails every few days. Sad I know, but hard as we try not to we still worry about our offspring and not being there to help should there be a problem. Thankfully no emergencies whilst we were away so we had a very chilled, laid back holiday soaking up the sun, wine and food whilst getting the chance to read loads of books.

The only incident during our holiday was the stupid person who decided to smoke in the toilet on the plane to Rhodes. The crew informed the passengers that they wanted the person responsible to own up as they needed to know what happened to the stub & may need to divert to another airport.  Anyway, it turns out it was an OAP who should have known better. He owned up but was very defensive when the Greek authorities at Rhodes airport boarded to take him away!

Here are some photos of our Rhodes holiday 2014.


Villa Lorriana

Rhodes Beaches


Rhodes Town